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Recovery method for version 6.19

Step 1.
if you already have version 6.19 installed - skip this step
for others:
Download and install the latest official signed version:

step 2.
Download the latest (now it is 6.24) unsigned version:

step 3.
in the address bar of Firefox: about:debugging#addons
Click on the button "Load temporary Add-on ..."
choose the previously downloaded s3translator_6.24.xpi

step 4.
do any translation to make sure that it works

step 5.
restart firefox
the temporary extension s3translator_6.24.xpi will automatically be removed from the browser and the previously installed s3translator-6.19-fx_signed.xpi will be restored

The new key for the google-translation API will be saved and you will be able to use version 6.19!
in about a month, the key will become expired and you will need to repeat from step 3


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