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Black Japan: Fission
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發表人:  gsklee [ 2006-05-28, 10:59 ]
文章主題 :  Black Japan: Fission

Black Japan: Fission
支援Fission功能的Black Japan。

主要程式碼修改感謝Fission作者zeniko及Shift Themes作者C. Nicks。


Black Japan: Fission
Black Japan 1.15 with full Fission support.

This is a temporary solution to Black Japan/Fission compatibility problem. The main chunk of code modification was borrowed directly from the patch code to the Shift Themes, thanks to Fission developer zeniko & Shift Theme developer C. Nicks. I modified some images and progessmeter.css to make it working better, but there are still some minor problems, like the floating position of Feed Icon during loading a page, the snippet display problem when viewing an image file, but most of the time the thing is just working fine.

Again, this is only a temporary solution. If someone else would like to look into these bugs, it will be most appreciated.

※Do not download if you are not using Fission - it will cause undesirable glitches.

BlackJapan_Fission-1.15.1-fx.jar [725.08 KiB]
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