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 文章主題 : Epiphany 2.14.3 釋出
文章發表於 : 2006-08-02, 01:47 

註冊時間: 2005-09-12, 13:38
文章: 1317
GnomeFiles 上發現 Epiphany 已釋出了新版 2.14.3:

Bug fixes:
* Enable pango for some indic languages, which depend on it for correct rendering. Bug #335799.
* Improve the current code (less complex) and add a timeouted call to NetworkManager when requesting network status. Bug #330479.
* Disable export when locked down. Bug #337028.
* Make sure we don't show "100%" on downloads unless they're really completed.
* Don't crash when we cannot connect to the system dbus. Bug #336557.
* Mozilla backend now supports adblock. Fix #335919.
* Add support for local directory monitoring (in addition to local file monitoring). Bug #332049.
* Add support for IE link files. Bug #330735.

p.s. 個人--陷入失戀的狀態,所以最近少了來討論區。只是記得她喜愛用 Black Japan 的佈景主題,和好些有趣的擴充套件,和當天跟她一起畫的一面 Firefox 旗幟。除了祝福她以後的日子外,我也想不了可以做些甚麼了。

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