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Addon on Firefox not working properly
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發表人:  VirginiaJenkins [ 2018-03-30, 22:02 ]
文章主題 :  Addon on Firefox not working properly


Same problem here. LP says I'm logged in, but Show Matching Sites is empty. Search LP Vault finds nothing.The work-around is to log out of LP and log in again. I think it stops working after a browser restart. The bug seems to be that LP gets logged out, but the UI shows it still logged in. I have both Automatic logout settings unchecked. At the very least, fix the UI to correctly show logged out status?

Please help.

I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.

References:- ... &start=180
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發表人:  Irvin [ 2018-04-05, 20:28 ]
文章主題 :  Re: Addon on Firefox not working properly

I suggest you bring your question to English support forum here, ... rt/discuss

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