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Methods of controlling insects and rodents

Insects and rodents are among the most troublesome things to humans, and unfortunately, these organisms spread very widely in the environment in which humans live.

These organisms transmit many diseases that may lead to the death of a person immediately or at least may infect him with a state of poisoning or cause skin infections, so we offer you in this topic some advice that will help you in controlling insects and rodents. شركة مكافحة حشرات ببريدة

How to protect your home from insects
There are many methods that can be followed to protect your home from the entry of insects, including:

Maintaining the cleanliness of the house constantly.
Take care to ventilate the house.
Not to leave garbage collected for a long time at home.
Always check the sewage pipes and repair any damage or holes in them.
Make sure to close all openings or holes in the house.
Close the gutters well as some insects are coming from inside.
If you find a garden in the house, you must always keep it clean, cut tall trees and spray them frequently, as most insects and rodents congregate in it.
Get rid of things that take up space in the house and are aimless, as they help to collect insects and rodents.
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Methods of controlling insects and rodents.
We show you some methods of controlling insects and rodents, including:

Use of insecticides, noting that these pesticides are carriers of the house from the house to keep them safe.
The use of modern devices that are used to combat some insects, in which there are some devices that emit harmful vibrations to insects, and to eliminate them completely.
Using the paste that is used to combat insects, which is a paste in places where insects such as cockroaches are present, so these insects stick to the paste and die.
Get rid of stagnant water anywhere in the house.
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Insects and rodents
There are many types of insects that live in the environment in which a person lives and occupy his home and workplace. Examples of these insects and rodents are:

Cockroaches: Cockroaches are among the worst insects that attack the human environment, as they cause him psychological and physical illnesses, afflicting humans with a state of fear and anxiety, as they cause the transmission of many diseases to humans.
Termites: It is a type of ants that live in colonies, but it differs slightly from the normal ants, as its head sticks to its abdomen directly, and the food of this type of ants depends on cellulose, so this insect causes damage to all wooden things and furniture in the house because it contains cellulose, which It is her only food.
Mice: a type of rodent and this type is spread widely in homes, hospitals, hotels, and workplaces, and it feeds on everything, as mice lend all the things that they encounter, and therefore they cause damage to doors and windows and make many openings with them as they loan electrical wires, causing damage to devices electrical.
Bed bugs: they are an insect that exists due to the lack of good ventilation of the place and lack of attention to its cleanliness, and it causes severe skin infections for individuals.
Mosquitoes, mosquitoes, and flies: They are insects that are very common in homes and are found due to lack of cleanliness in homes and cause the transmission of diseases to humans.
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