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I also asked many players - Can you think War of Legends will be prosperous? They all had varied responses, but most replies consisted of RS gold the exact same basic idea. War of Legends is nothing particular, there are lots of games just like it around the net and already well recognized. However, does this mean it's going to be a failure? "Evony, Civilization, The Sims, along with other games that are similar are successful so that this game should be as well." That is 1 way to look at it! Enough players to go around!

Or how about another perspective? "No it won't be successful. Considering how many matches like this already exist, there's nothing separating this game from another games. It has a rather limited approach to combat, with a"scissor-paper-rock" systems that allows for small plan."

Following the release of War of Legends, Jagex shocked everybody by supporting what they call"JCredits". To put it differently, you pay real world cash to acquire an advantage from the game. Apparently Jagex likes the idea, just as long as they get the cash. What do players think about JCredits? "I would much rather see the game call for a small payment and recieve member advantages than have Jcredits purchase in-game items."

RuneScape is utterly boring

Exactly like Runescape membership where how much actual cash you have to spend does not effect your in-game advantage. But let us finish this with a final word about JCredits that I find fitting:"I find them ridiculous since Jagex attempts to force you to spend real cash to get anywhere. Although it's okay to have micro-transactions within game for an advantge, Jagex have stepped it up a notch: which makes you pay to RuneScape gold buy discuss, free your city from enslavement, complete tasks and in general, advance in any respect. Without JCredits, the match is utterly boring."

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