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文章發表於 : 2004-10-18, 04:22 
在自己的網站或網誌上有Firefox的標誌嗎?你有使用你的網站推廣Firefox嗎?如果沒有, 最好從現在就開始.因為妳將從Gmail有所獲得.
如果你的網站或網誌上有Firefox按鈕連回Firefox(Mozilla), 你將可以擁有一個免費且具有完整功能的Gmail帳號.
馬上到MozNews ( 填寫申請表格.
申請表審核約需48 到72 小時, 特殊情況則需更長的時間.
我們需要更多的申請, 希望能在十月底達到超過五千個申請的目標.

10.17 上午九點(亞特蘭大時間)目前的進度:


GMail Project Update - Aiming for 5,000!

Posted by RobinMonks on Sun,
10/17/2004 - 14:20 :: Spreading Firefox

Have a site or blog with a Firefox logo? Are you
spreading the fire on your website? If not, you
had better start. Cause, it'll pay, in GMail!
If you have a website or blog with a firefox
link-back button on it you can get a free GMail
account with all the fix'ins including 1GB of storage
and much more.
Just go to MozNews and fill out a request form.
Processing takes about 48-72 hours but may take
longer in some instances. We need more requests.
We hope to process over 5,000 before the end of
this month.

Link back to us with this logo by Chenu(ra) Jayewickreme:

Have a few spare GMail invites laying around? Pass
them on to a worthy cause, donate them to the project
at MozNews. We'll pass them along to a worth person
in the community who's spreading the fire!

Here are the current statistics as of 9:00AM Atlantic:

Pending Requests: 322
Approved Requests: 236
Rejected Requests: 58
Invites Left: ~450

Keep spreading the fire!
Robin Monks on behalf of the SFX GMail Project

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文章發表於 : 2004-10-19, 03:01 
我也加入了,但我有gmail 了。

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文章發表於 : 2004-10-19, 10:34 
Anonymous 寫:
我也加入了,但我有gmail 了。

Me too..^^
I got my first Gmail ....

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文章發表於 : 2004-11-03, 20:17 

註冊時間: 2004-09-27, 12:41
文章: 69
來自: 好人大學
Anonymous 寫:
Me too..^^
I got my first Gmail ....

我提供了一個Gmail :wink:

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