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This should be a blog on its own, but I'm not sure if I got all the details right :oops: anyone can check the writing?

In 1966, Master Zhen Yian visited a rural hospital. After seeing that the poors couldn't get medical help, she recognized that sickness (not death) to be the greatest human pain and decided to build a non-profit hospital for the poors. Thus the Tzi Chi Foundation was born. The hospital would took millions but the donation drive didn't take off despit hard efforts. Then a Japanese philanthropist heard the news and offered more than enough donation. However, Master Zen Yian wisely refused. She said that it wasn't about giving a donation (and forget about it); it's about every one giving compassion everyday. Today, Tzi Chi is one of biggest international charity, with thundreds of volunteers committing to give a little every day.

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