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Google Chrome 是 IE6 的翻版?
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發表人:  adam [ 2011-12-04, 12:21 ]
文章主題 :  Google Chrome 是 IE6 的翻版?

Let me tell you about a browser. An innovative browser that was the first to implement new Web technologies that allowed for greater interactivity. A browser with a striking new interface. Chrome? No: Internet Explorer 6.

There's a reason that Microsoft's browser took over 95 percent of the Web browser market from Netscape (Firefox's ancestor): IE6 could do things earlier browsers could not. There was dynamic HTML, CSS, and yes, it even had new security features.

But over the years, problems with all these unique capabilities reared its ugly head. Every major Web site started to target IE, to the point that the sites didn't function correctly or fully in other browsers.,2817,2397158,00.asp

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