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文章發表於 : 2005-09-05, 10:00 
Mozilla Firefox to Drop Support for SSL 2.0

Plans are afoot to remove support for SSL version 2.0 in Mozilla Firefox. SSL provides encrypted connections to servers, making it safe to transfer data such as credit card numbers and banking details across the Internet. Unfortunately, there are a number of known security flaws in SSL 2.0, which was the first public version of the protocol (no applications shipped with support for SSL 1.0). Therefore, the Mozilla Foundation is eager to disable support for SSL 2.0 and have all Firefox installations use only the newer and more secure SSL 3.0 and TLS 1.0 protocols.

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現在很多安全或購物網站都支援 SSL 3.0,假如連那個都不支援,就不能稱作安全,因此不支援 SSL 2.0 是應該的。

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