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 文章主題 : Seamonkey 2.0.1 Released
文章發表於 : 2009-12-18, 01:06 
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註冊時間: 2002-12-03, 21:00
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來自: 地球 ... nkey2.0.1/
SeaMonkey 2.0.1 contains the following noteworthy changes relative to SeaMonkey 2.0:
  • Security fixes
  • Fixes for a number of non-security-relevant crashes
  • New supported language version: Italian
  • Password manager now continues to work after clearing private data (Bug 521263).
  • The needed parts for supporting the Firebug Add-on (1.5b4 or later) are in place now (Bug 525638).
  • Email count on the Mac OS X dock icon should now be correct (Bug 509163).
  • Multiple smaller fixes in various parts of the platform and the SeaMonkey application.
    In addition, it has been improved with

至於可用的 Extensions,跟之前一樣沒變。

想讓 Internet Explorer 當掉嗎?

「方法一」 - 被 google 檔掉的樣子,開不起來


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