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The Site Control feature in Netscape 8 allows you to select either Firefox or MSIE as your rendering engine to view web pages. If you want to use Firefox as the default rendering engine for all pages, simply follow the steps below.

Step 1. disable Site Control from Options.
From Tools menu bar | select Options | click Site Control.
Then select "Trust Preferences" tab.
Then select "Do Not use Netscape Trust Ratings" and choose either "I'm Not Sure" or "I Don't Trust This Site" as shown in screenshot below:

Step 2, make sure the rendering engine is Firefox.
Next back to "Site List" tab.
Click either "I'm Not Sure" or "I Don't Trust This Site" (the option you picked in previous section.) under Master Settings section
In Rendering Engine section, make sure Firefox is selected.

That's all.

This KB is also available in
> Use Firefox as the only rendering engine in Netscape 8 (in SillyDog701's Netscape KB).

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Thank you...This is what I need...

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